☆ Up to 4 tires with an outer diameter of 60cm and a weight of 20kg on the top
 At the bottom, up to four tires with an outer diameter of 78cm and a weight of 25kg
 It's a storage for tires that can be stored.
☆ Rust resistant powder coating, durable and long-lasting steel!
☆ The mounting position of the upper bar matches the height of the tire to be stored
 It is adjustable.
☆It's easy to put tires in and out with double doors. 
☆ Made in Japan.

  • external Size / (approximately) Width 102 × Depth 85 × Height 162 cm
  • internal Size/ (approximately) Width 96.5 × Depth 78.5 × Height 156 cm
  • effective opening size/ (approximately) width 88 × height 149.5 cm
  • EAN/4971715 345044
  • Included Key