SJN-80SL Super jet Long nozzle III (with angle adjustment)

☆ This superjet long nozzle is ideal for cleaning exterior walls, screen doors, car washing, agricultural equipment, agricultural equipment, etc.
☆ Just turn the tip of the nozzle, and you can switch between wide and slim wide jets and three types of water shapes.
☆ Perfect for cleaning out of reach with 270 degree swing angle
(Depends on the water pressure of the faucet)
☆ Water cut-off and water flow are operated with a slide lever on hand that can control the amount of water.

  • Size/(approximately) Total length 80 cm (including coupling)
  • Mountable hose: 12 to 15 mm inside diameter ※ However, special hoses with coils cannot be used.
  • EAN/4971715 114381