SJN-163SL Expandable Super jet Long nozzle III

It stretches slowlyWatering, washing, and multi-purpose where it didn't arrive!
☆The tip of the nozzle is 270 degrees variable, so you can adjust the angle according to the scene of use.
☆ It can grow up to 163cm by turning it around and stretching it out, so it's easy to clean heights (external walls of buildings, roofs of high-roof cars, etc.) that you haven't reached before! In addition, you don't need scaffolding or stepladder.
☆High water pressure and strong cleaning power make it effective for cleaning under the car.
☆Water cut-off and water flow are operated by a slide lever on hand that can adjust the amount of water.

  • Size/(approximately H110cm)
  • Mountable hose: 12 to 15 mm inside diameter
    ※ However, special hoses with coils cannot be used.
  • EAN/4971715 114398