JU-02 Purenish Plus

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Winner of the 2023 Good Design Award!!
No need to wipe up after washing your car!
Prevent water stains.
Small pure water apparatus for home use is born!!

·Included in tap water, which causes water stains when washing a car It removes impurities such as magnesium and calcium.
·By changing tap water to pure water, water stains are prevented.You don't need to wipe it up after washing your car, and it also shortens the car wash time.
·It can be used not only for the body of the car but also for cleaning windows and inside the car.
·A cool, stain-resistant design using ash gray with a cool impression.
·The design of the lid part is the fuel cap of the car.
·It comes with a handle and is easy to carry around.The compact design allows you to carry it with one hand, making it easy to prepare and clean up.
·Connect to your hose reel or high pressure washer with one touch and you can use it immediately.

  • Body size / Width 31.5 x Depth 30 x Height 32 cm (without handle)
    Weight /4.5kg    Material / PP-GF, ABS, TPE
    Weight / 1.9 kg per piece   Material / Resin, Nylon (Packaging cloth)
  • TDS meter size / (approximately) width 2.5 x depth 1.5 x height 13.7 cm
    Weight / (approximately) 32g
  • Auxiliary hose set
    Size / (approximately) 2.4 cm long
    Material/Hose: Soft vinyl chloride
    faucet and hose connectors: ABS